Bell maker and His Wares

Walking through the dusty lanes surrounded by beautiful shades of earthy yellows and browns we discover Hussain Lohar working on a metal bell or 'Ghantadi' as it is locally called in Kutchi. Long grey beard, contentment writ large on his face and calm eyes, going about his  daily act of creating yet another hand made bell. His home with a beautiful wooden door, welcomes my friend and me with the warmth we all now know the people of the region exude in plenty. On entering you are greeted with the sight of the old man working and his son goes on to explain how it is done systematically, very well aware of what the travelers are expecting. Hussain bhai at his workshop.

The room is their work space bereft of furniture, well lit, all windows decorated by 'Torans' made by the women of the household and of course bells all around of different sizes.  The tools needed are all placed on the wall, all of different sizes too for different bells.  What caught my attention is how the tools were perched on holders made by the artisan cleverly devising products to organize their tools.