About US

 Ek Katha, a luxury sustainable ready to wear clothing label for women. We are proponents of slow fashion wear and ethical craft practices. We are based in the bustling  metropolis Mumbai, but our spirit is firmly rooted in the craft and its simple rustic eco system with indigenous knowledge at its core. Our clothes are a contemporary rendition of the traditional craft. We create wearable comfort wear for the woman who knows her cloth and fashion. 

We work with various handloom fabrics from different parts of the country. Kota Doria from Rajasthan, mulberry silk from Bengal, kala cotton from Kutch, Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh and many other fabrics, which along with the Batik wood block printing technique, adds to the drama and dimension of the humble cloth. We are'Craftmark' certified by AIACA for 'Batik' practiced in Kutch.

Origin of the idea:

Ek Katha in Hindi translates into ‘A Story’. We nurtured the idea to narrate stories through our design journey which particularly is inspired by the human spirit and the creative energies. Hence our stories exemplify handcrafted, laborious, traditional and ecological means of creation. It is an honest endeavor to engage in practices which are thus ethical and is symbiotic with our mother earth.

Designer’s Profile:

Ek Katha is a reflection of designer Madhumita’s creative sensibilities, encompassing the simple, traditional, in sync with nature and with complete consciousness of the impact that the products and its processes (of creation) have on the society. 

A textile graduate from the National Institute of Design (India), she has derived a perspective of design based on traditional craft practices through intensive study of the crafts, artisans and their immediate surroundings, from travels and documentations. These enriching experiences combined with her intrinsic intuitive nature are a constant guide for creating her clothing and accessories.