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Ek Katha CO-ORDCollection
Our CO-ORD Collection is a pure depiction of elegance, class and versatility at the same time. The designs created pairs well with the motto of syncing simple and traditional with our good intent to preserve nature and the craft eco systems. Our careful selection of clothing materials and fabrics allow you to be both comfy and fashionable enabling you to flaunt your inner diva. Bringing back the fashion and essence of cotton  SILK  CO-ORD, we aspire to set a new benchmark in the fashion industry.

Telling a Story ‘Ek Katha” With Every Top Design
Kala cotton is cultivated naturally and organically without any use of pesticides, or harmful chemicals. This is the reason why we chose cotton which is genetically not modified and organic to be the new trendsetter of the industry. Afterall, what is better than a fashion apparel made from safe, biodegradable natural materials which reflects luxury and simplicity simultaneously.

The subtle color choices of our cotton SILK  CO-ORD are intended to entice our customers to fill their wardrobes with a timeless collection that is here to stay among the ever changing fashion trends. We understand our customer’s diverse needs and fashion tastes and thus bring a wide variety of mixtures with cotton fabric such as cotton khadi mulmul, cotton silk chanderi, cotton silk organza, and much more.

Diversified Top Collection at Ek Katha
The collection showcases a mix of cotton SILK  CO-ORD, silk organza tops, halter tops, sheer yoke tops, and much more exciting designs, crafted with finesse to cater your fashion needs. You can easily explore your perfect match from the assortment to state your unique self wherever you