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Around the world, fashion has an irresistible energy that captures our imagination; a bunch of varied sizes, designs, and scintillating beauty. Each of those leave their imprints on the sands of time and we can’t just stop adoring the fading essence and enticing artistry it left behind.

The flawless silk evening gown, summer batik halter tops, quilted wrap jackets, and much more; we have brought them together to cherish their individual uniqueness and beauty.

Imprints on the Sands of Time is one such category that appraises and entails such beautiful designs that speaks to your heart. The fabric we use is purely organic to return back a little to nature and persuade sustainable fashion. Such quality in fabric enables you to embrace your favorite designs for a really long time.

An Assortment of Spectacular Bandwagon
We have assorted some of the most eye-catching apparel designs and varieties to give you something extraordinary and truly interesting. From Silk evening gown, Khadi tassar maxi dresses, to batik halter tops, you can find it all here.

Also a vast range of colors that varies from vibrant orange, forest greens, pastel blues, and much more add a sensational look and diversity to our collection. You can clearly make your favorite choice from such a diversity of designs, colors, and attires.

Get ready to attain tons of compliments, whether you wear a Batik skirt, Silk evening gown, tissue dress, pencil pants, or any other piece of attire from our collection.