Rest, Peace and Nowhere to arrive

When I travel, its always about moving away from the city and what it entails to be living in urban settings. So, whether its towards the forests, mountains or villages and farms, it just gives me so much centeredness and calm. Seeing these images from a trip to Nirona, Kutch reminds me how the people and their surroundings are about working in a slow, steady but  persistent manner.  Outwardly it appears as if the small town is asleep, but each person is engaged either in their daily chores or in practicing  their crafts. Bell making, lac toys and kitchen utilities created by the Harijan community and of course, Rogan-hand painting with lac on cloth practiced by the Khatris,  is what Nirona is famous for. 


More about each craft in forthcoming posts. For now the quaint lanes, ruminating cows and old carved wooden  doorways of homes is what I take away for some much needed quiet. The wonder of slow living, contentment and restful life is what I take with me.